Athlete Support Personnel Roles and Responsibilities as outlined in the National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) Anti-Doping Rules:

  1. To be knowledgeable of and comply with the Anti-Doping Rules.
  2. To cooperate with the Athlete Testing program.
  3. To use their influence on Athlete values and behavior to foster anti-doping attitudes.
  4. To disclose to the NADO and their International Federation any decision by a non-Signatory finding that they committed an anti-doping rule violation within the previous ten (10) years.
  5. To cooperate with Anti-Doping Organizations investigating anti-doping rule violations.
  6. Athlete Support Personnel shall not Use or Possess any Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method without valid justification.



Principle of Strict Liability:

The rule which provides that under Article 2.1 and Article 2.2, it is not necessary that intent, Fault, Negligence, or knowing Use on the Athlete’s part be demonstrated by the Anti-Doping Organization in order to establish an Anti-Doping rule violation.

Meaning that the athlete is the only person responsible for what is found in his/her system



Anyone, who has witnessed the use or attempted use of a prohibited substance;

knows the purchaser or possessor of a prohibited substance;

knows the athlete support personnel who tempted athletes to use prohibited substances or methods; or

has suspicious information can report to your ADO with utmost confidentiality or contact us at: